About Us

Our mission has always been to improve ourselves, our community, and our profession.

We enjoy our work and our clients. Our sense of value is strongly tied to our families and our reputations. We believe that a reputation can only be improved gradually with hard work and integrity. We strive to be as good a person as our mascots (Pluto and Paco, the yellow labs) believe we are.

Koth Consulting is connected most directly with Powhatan County, where Lance Koth resides. Lance has worked with the community on the Powhatan Architectural Review Board and the Powhatan Transportation Study Group and is supportive of Powhatan County Public Schools through his wife teaching and his children attending (or graduated from) Powhatan High School.

We are working with others throughout our industry to help improve consulting and provide services that result in satisfied clients. To continue to improve out industry, we have started a continuing education class series to provide a discussion forum and learning opportunity with the common goal of the improvement of our industry. 

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