Our Philosophy

Koth Consulting P.C. is pleased to lead a team of consultants that provide a full range of engineering and consulting services. While there are many facets to consulting, Koth Consulting focuses on improving three key  qualities. We believe that through innovation, communication, and teamwork, we can provide the highest quality consulting services.


Koth Consulting’s logo was inspired by the solution to an historic puzzle representing innovative thinking. We believe that Innovation is enhanced through a combination of experience and involvement that is absent in many consulting companies. There is no substitute for experience; however, the only way to take advantage of experience is to keep the individual engaged in daily project work. Being involved at a task level challenges the consultant to be innovative and practical. The business model embraced by Koth Consulting and the Paradigm Consulting Network takes advantage of experience and encourages innovation through direct involvement of principals.


Koth Consulting and The Paradigm Consulting Network use the latest advancements in communication technology to ensure effective communication and reduce overhead costs. For instance, while project meetings have an important role, the use of online discussion groups and other resources provide the network with opportunities to share information with the entire team at any moment and keeps an ongoing record of thoughts on various topics in an immediately accessible space.


The Project Design Team benefits from working together and sharing ideas and strategies. Koth Consulting believes in regular communication with the client and members of the design team to discuss project 

strategies, challenges and opportunities. We understand that by listening to other team members, we have a better understanding of their challenges. We can use this knowledge to create an impressive synergy that adds tremendous value to the project.

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