I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. My career has been primarily focused around land development, infrastructure improvement, and environmental engineering. I am a licensed engineer in Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas. I also hold a Remote Pilot in Command certificate with the FAA. 

I have owned my own consulting firm since 2005. Koth Consulting, P.C. is the business that I love, but never intended to create. A series of (fortunate) events led me down the path of self-employment. In some ways, this seems to have been divine intervention because it was the only way I can see to have navigated certain challenges over a five year stretch early in the life of Koth Consulting.

I have developed Koth Consulting into a highly respected, regionally known, engineering firm. We work with a carefully selected network of small business owners that complement our services and come together in project teams to perform full-service engineering and consulting.

My expertise is a combination of land development engineering and environmental science that has given me the opportunity to improve infrastructure, environment, and local economy. I have worked with every type of client including the Federal Government, State Agencies, Higher Education Facilities, Public Schools, Private Schools, Commercial Developers, Churches, Industrial Clients, Other Consultants, and Homeowners. Each of these comes with a unique perspective and a unique set or goals and constraints for their projects. Through diligent and thorough communication each of  these clients have enjoyed success in the endeavors we undertake together.

I can trace my interest in Civil and Environmental Engineering back to when I was very young. We lived fairly close to a small creek that was in the woods and so was an attratcive area to gather with friends. I can remember buidling dams and diversions simply to watch how the creek would react. I could spend hours watching the water and its relentless power. Incorporating this appreciation and talent for using the natural processes and laws of nature and physics into my career led me throughout my career.

Stream 2

My projects sometimes involve stream restoration and stabilization

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