I have authored or coauthored three published works. Innovation By Design, a short essay that was part of a continuing education class that I developed for licensed professionals is available on iTunes and other online booksellers.

As part of a comprehensive study on how to facilitate figh passage upstream of Embrey Dam in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I created 1998 Virginia Senate Document 18. To the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia - Technical Alternatives Analysis to Provide Fish Passage at Embrey DamThis study led to a follow-up study by the USACE that took seven years to reach the same conclusion. Despite feeling a bit like the end of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, we did eventually see the removal of the dam come to fruition. The video below shows the explosion.

Another project was highlighted in a technical manual as a case study on a vertical slot fish passage through a historic dam abutment in the City of Richmond, Virginia. I was a contributor to chapter on the case study along with scientists, and other project team members. The project led to the largest reach of the James River being opened up to anadromous fish migration, 137 miles of the James and 168 miles of tributary streams. A camera is set up during migration season (late March through early June) where you can watch online as fish swim by the counting window. 

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