Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is made up of two criteria; quantity and quality. Koth Consulting has developed extensive expertise in both categories. Lance Koth graduated almost coincidentally with the passage of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. Regulations that evolved over the next 20 years have been a part of nearly every project with which he has been involved. 

Well the merits of water quality measures are debatable, the regulations are not likely to become less strict. By keeping up-to-date with the regulations,taking advantage of innovations, and ensuring regulators understand the intent of the regulations, Koth Consulting has been successful in managing the impact these regulations have on projects. Koth Consulting provides inspection, rehabilitation design, and construction management for Stormwater management facilities. 

Koth Consulting specializes in innovative approaches to water quantity management as well. Lance Koth graduated before software have been developed to perform Stormwater management routings. The in-depth manual calculations that he performed for the first several years of his career gave him insight into what aspects of storm water management facilities provided the most efficient Control of stormwater. We have used unique measures such as labyrinth inlet tops and multiple stage outlet control structures with dual interrelated storage areas. These techniques have greatly reduced the amount of area needed for stormwater facilities. The innovation and creative process adds surprisingly little time and effort to the engineering work. However, the savings in construction costs and reduction in space used for stormwater facilities is immense.

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